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Jan Braai


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Jan Scannel better known as Jan Braai is the man who turned Heritage Day, September 24, in to National Braai Day to the eternal gratitude of braai-masters everywhere who can spend the day around a fire instead of listening to boring politicians prattle on about unity in our diversity.

Instead of putting steaks, chops and wors on the hot grid Jan Braai has turned his attention to braabroodjies stuffing it with every tasty filling imaginable and then toasting it over the embers of a wood fire.

Apart from the 39 recipes for braaibroodjies there are 49 ideas for burgers to tempt every palate.

Jan Braai believes that a braaibroodjie is best made from the commercially available sliced white bread. He also recalls the days when you were able to slice the bread yourself at the checkout point. That’s not to say you can’t use any other bread. A braaibroodjie is better than no braaibroodjie, Jan Braai says.

The master-braaier also has firm views on burger patties. Home-made patties with chopped mince is best and there are also different rolls for different burgers. He also explains how to braai chicken breast fillets as burger patties. Jan Braai also tells you how to cut corners in braaibroodjies in case one of your visitors doesn’t like chutney, for example.

If you’re in the mood for a braaibroodjie try the Traditional Braaibroodjie (cheese, onion and tomato), Braaibroodjies and Biltong, Club braaibroodjie using chicken breast fillets, cheese, a packet of bacon and two avocados, to name some. You can even make an Apple Tart Braaibroodjie or if you crave something really sweet, a Braaibroodjie with Marshmallow and Chocolate.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of burgers. These include The Best Amazing Mushroom Burger; Hand-chopped burger; the Freedom Fighter Burger and the Mule using Ginger Beer and Chicken Breast Fillets. Don’t forget the Sloppy Jan, a remake of the American Sloppy Joe with a South African twist.

All the recipes are easy to follow and your guests will be clamouring for seconds.

The book is profusely illustrated with full-colour mouth-watering images of burgers and braaibroodjies.

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