What Are Handicap Bets?

It is essential to understand how the different handicaps (Asian / European) work since, in the vast majority of markets, they offer us other handicap bets. Topbets Nigeria and Topbets Kenya shares with you the things to know about handicap bets.

About Handicap Bets

How does the handicap work in betting? We often find that the bets on the winning market of the match are very unbalanced in favor of one of the contenders so that the bets on the favorite have very little value, and if we want to win real money, we must bet on an underdog with few winning options.

This is what happens, for example, when teams like Barça or Real Madrid receive teams from the lower zone when Nadal makes his debut in a tournament against a rival sunk in the ranking or many other sports. To improve the odds, we can bet on the handicap markets.

What Is The Handicap In Betting?

The meaning of handicap in betting is the advantage or disadvantage that we give to a bet to balance the possibility of it happening, a betting market where we can add goals or points to the weakest contender or subtract them from the strongest.

This handicap is applied from the beginning of the match, and as the chances of victory for both teams are equal, the odds also rise. Thus, betting on the favorite with a handicap will be more profitable than if we make it the winner of the match; and if you bet on the underdog, the risk of losing is reduced.

On Which Sports Is Handicap Betting Available?

We can bet with a handicap on practically all sports where two teams or players face each other, which offers us multiple options. For example, in betting on soccer, futsal, handball, hockey, or water polo, the handicap bets are fixed on the goals; In basketball, American football, or rugby, the handicap is points; in tennis, we have the handicap of games or sets; in darts, there is a handicap to sets, in snooker to frames, etc.

Types Of Handicap In Betting

When it comes to adding the handicaps, we have two options, the European and the Asian. Keep in mind that not all bookmakers offer both. While the European handicap is available in all bookies, some dispense with the Asian one. Both are equally interesting, and we could say that the European is easier to understand while the Asian offers us many more options; hence it is somewhat more complex to understand.

European Handicap

Simply subtract or add the value of the handicap to the final result to determine if the bet is winning or losing. It is also named a “3-way handicap”, although we only have two possibilities: winning or losing the bet. In the event of a tie, the bet is lost. You can add or subtract the handicap from the home win, away win or draw, where the handicap would be added to the loser’s scoreboard looking for those tables.

European Handicap Example

We bet on team A with a European handicap -1. If team A wins by two goals or more, the bet is winning, but if it loses, draws, or wins by the minimum, the bet is lost. In the latter case, by subtracting the goal that we remove with the handicap, the score is tied, which means a lost bet in the European handicap.

Asian Handicap

It works the same as the European handicap with the plus that the bet is canceled in the event of a tie, so that the player has a certain advantage, although obviously in the same event the Asian handicap has a lower odd than the European handicap, we can also bet positive and negative, but with the addition that we have up to four Asian handicap modalities.

Whole Asian handicap: it is the simplest; just add or subtract the number of goals or points indicated by the handicap to the final result. If, after adding it, there is a tie, the bet is void.


Again we bet on team A, but with the Asian handicap -1. Also, we need team A to win by two goals or more for the bet to be a winner, losing it if this team falls or ties. On the other hand, if you win by the minimum, the bet’s result is a draw, so with the entire Asian handicap, the bet is canceled, and the bookmaker returns the money played.

Another thing is to have bet on the Asian handicap +1 for team B. As in the previous case, if you have lost the minimum, the bet is canceled since we are tied by adding that goal. The bet will be winning in case of a draw or victory of team B, while if team A wins by two goals or more, it will be a loser.

Medium Asian Handicap: to eliminate the possibility of a tie, we can use the medium handicap, always ending at .5 (+1.5, -1.5, etc.).


We bet on team A with an Asian handicap +1.5, so we will add 1.5 goals to their final score. If you have lost by a goal (0-1, 2-3), the bet is winning, the same as if you have tied or lost. On the other hand, if he loses by two goals or more, we lose the bet. In betting on the Asian handicap -1.5, the situation is similar: we subtract that goal and a half from the final result of team A, so we need them to win by two goals or more. Any other result will cause us to lose the bet. It is similar to the European handicap – they usually share quota – without the possibility of drawing.

Asian Quarter Handicap: it is a double bet, playing half the money to a full handicap and the other half to a medium handicap. Therefore, quarter handicaps like +1.25 also appear as (1 / 1.5 or + 1 / + 1.5). The bet can be winning, losing, partially winning, or partially losing.


As there are two bets in one, half of the money played goes to one market and the other half. For example, if you bet € 10 on team A with an Asian handicap -0.25, you are betting €5 at -0.5 and €5 at 0.0. Thus, the first bet will be a winner as long as team A win and loss in the rest of the cases, while the second bet will be a winner if team A wins, void if it ties and loses if it falls.

Combining these two bets will determine how much money you take with your winning bet or if you can get something back if you don’t win. When we bet at +0.75, the same thing happens, half the bet goes to +1 and the other half to +0.5. Thus, the first bet will be the winner if the team we play for wins or draws, void if it loses by a single goal and loses if it loses by more. For its part, the bet at +0, 5 will be green if you win or tie and a loser if you lose. We add the two results and obtain the win of the bet or if it has gone wrong, the part that we can recover in case we have not lost everything.

Asian Handicap 0.0: it is a bet without a draw without adding or subtracting any goal from the final score.


As it is a bet without a tie, if we bet on team A with an Asian handicap 0.0, the bet will be a winner if team A wins, a loser if it loses, and void, if there is a tie bookmaker, will return the money bet. It is the only handicap where the “0 goals” are not added to the result.

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