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Euro 2020 is over, which means it’s time to take stock of the tournament’s results. Remember that it’s easy to keep track of all competitions on the sports statistics website. 

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Talking about national teams which definitely cannot add the completed tournament to their assets, we will single out the Belgian team among the first. According to all bookmakers, the Red Devils were in the top-3 of the main favourites of the championship. They really made it through the group stage without any problems. But then Belgium got into a very difficult situation in the playoffs.

If today we look at the scores of its football matches, we will see that the Belgians got more and more tired with each game. This is not surprising, since almost all stars of the team are already over 30. The defense consisted of super veterans, each of whom was about 35 or even more.

If the team still had enough power for the 1/8 match against Portugal, in the quarterfinals Italy was simply physically stronger. As a result, one of the main favourites of the tournament couldn’t make it even to the semifinals.

Such a result is especially sad given that, most likely, at the 2022 World Cup we will not see many stars of the Red Devils, not to mention the Euro 2024. Therefore, fans rightly grieve that the very talented Belgian football generation has never been able to win a single trophy at the national team level.

Highlights of the UEFA European League 2020

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Main reasons for the relatively unsuccessful performance of the Belgian national team are:

  1. Injuries of many top performers. Martinez couldn’t fully count on De Bruyne, Hazard and many other players. Plus, there were no quality replacements for them.
  2. Age of the defense players. For example, Vermaelen is already 36 and plays in Japan. Naturally, high speeds at the UEFA European League in 2020 have become a serious problem for him.
  3. Lack of tactical flexibility of the coach. This tournament wasn’t the best for Martinez, and he was unable to use the weak points of his opponents.

Now the fans of the Belgian national team can only count on the fact that new young performers will appear in its roster in the near future and that they will be ready to fight for the main trophies.

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