Gamification – a new level of engaging with your brand audience

We have recently seen a sharp rise in the digital world with the explosion of various new social media platforms, brands allowing their customers to shop online, and even the digitisation of many mundane admin tasks such as filing taxes or paying bills.

No wonder brands need to fight harder to grab and hold their customers’ attention, which is why gamification is becoming a popular tactic for brands to engage with their audiences.

The digital space allows for more meaningful conversations with an audience, and gamification makes that happen on a much deeper level.

hoola Modern Agency’s Head of Creative, Jamie Bell, said that in gamification you want to get the user to engage with a content piece in a fun way, while achieving goals and tasks that either give them a sense of achievement, or simply provide them with a pleasurable experience.

“Users want to engage, and be part of something unique. They don’t want brands to simply feed them information.”

He said that by gamifying content, you were asking them to engage with the brand in an entertaining way, and that sometimes that was all a brand aimed to achieve.

hoola recently developed and launched Africa’s first online school shoe store and included some gamified elements in the shopping experience.

“We love creating content that is fun and gamification allows us to create new, engaging experiences that offer audiences an opportunity to play rather than consume,” said Bell.

Apart from making it possible for parents to purchase their child’s shoes online, the site also offered them a fully functional fitting room and measurement tool to help them find the perfect size for their kids.

To make the shopping experience even better, a helpful little character was always available to guide shoppers on their online journey.

For brands and agencies, it is clear that gamification provides new and exciting opportunities to engage with audiences and, according to Bell, there are always new emerging target markets.

“Their experiences are new and so is our chance to reveal ‘new’ creative content that speaks to them on a different level.”

If you would like to get in on all the gamification action and give your brand audience a memorable online experience, speak to hoola Modern Agency – for more information, visit

CAPTION: It is clear that gamification provides new and exciting opportunities for brands to engage with audiences, and according to Head of Creative at hoola Modern Agency, Jamie Bell, there are always new emerging target markets to whom you could reveal ‘new’ creative content that speaks to them on a different level. Photo: Karl Schoemaker

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