New facilities for tracking truck fleets

GPS technology is widely recognized and used around the world. Over time it has evolved and has become applicable to different industries, such as the transport industry. We will review what the new devices for truck fleets consist of and their many advantages.

For companies, it is essential to have daily control of their cargo vehicles. Technical problems, delays in delivery times, and the risk of theft often limit the performance of services. For this reason, they often resort to different technologies to check the condition of the trucks and the behaviour of the drivers. The most requested in recent times is the so-called “telematics”, which refers to a set of computer and telecommunication systems that collect and store specific data and then transmit them simultaneously. According to the experts at GPSWOX, a company specializing in tracking technologies for truck fleets, it provides practical solutions for both supervisors and drivers.

Firstly, telematics facilitates communication between the two parties by ensuring real-time transmissions, thus enabling rapid responses to specific situations. In addition, it identifies the position of vehicles at all times, recognizing which routes are in the vicinity and which should be taken according to traffic and weather conditions. On the other hand, it indicates arrival and departure times exactly, avoiding disputes that may arise over delay times and billing.

With regard to truck security, the devices installed are able to detect if unusual routes have been taken, an alert that could indicate misuse of the transport or, more seriously, theft. The latter possibility generates large economic losses for industries, and therefore, it is essential to quickly detect this risk situation and try to recover what has been stolen. Continuing with the advantages of these systems, it is important to mention that it greatly reduces costs due to the fact that it reduces manual administration work, and at the same time, it facilitates discounts from insurance companies.

The devices in question are easy to install and can be placed imperceptibly, as is the case with the GPS devices offered by TrackingFox: They contain functionalities that can be used in different areas, and they are also very affordable. In addition to this, they allow different types of alarms to be programmed according to the user’s requirements. 

Telematics offers multiple facilities for everyday work and has proven to be a great advance for the industry. Its instruments are increasingly improved and optimize the profitability of companies by a high percentage.

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