Syntro-P Wellbeing and Gaven Sinclair share a story of Partnership and Hope with the Heel2Heal Challenge

Working towards changing the narrative of South Africa one small step at a time 

Heel2Heal Route

On the 1st of October 2021, extreme adventurer, life coach, motivational speaker and humanitarian activist Gaven Sinclair will embark on a 1000 km adventure to launch BrandMed’s Syntro-P Wellbeing programme.

Recent research states that South Africa is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world and more than 60% of the adult population is living with a chronic condition. It is this entropy that prompted BrandMed to bring together a team of leading South African experts to create a revolutionary, virtual prescribed health and wellbeing programme. The Syntro-P Wellbeing programme is a first of its kind for people diagnosed with chronic conditions which include diabetes, eating disorders, heart disease, obesity, asthma, hypertension and many more.

By providing dietary guidelines, exercise and movement routines, breathing techniques, life skills, home monitoring solutions and educational insights, Syntro-P Wellbeing believes that by helping South Africans change their behaviour, they can help change society as a whole. Says Dr Riaz Motara, cardiologist, physician and CEO of BrandMed Group, “We are all facing extreme challenges every day of our lives. They can be financial, emotional or health challenges but they all affect our wellbeing. By partnering with Gaven, we hope to empower South Africans to face their daily extreme challenges and to work towards overcoming them, one small step at a time, with the help and guidance of the Syntro-P Wellbeing programme.”

Gaven Sinclair, who is no stranger to the challenges of living with a lifestyle condition, will be running the Heel2Heal Challenge along the coastline of South Africa from Gqeberha to Cape Town in order to raise awareness for the health and wellness of the country by starting with one small step each day to reach his goal of running 1000 kilometres in 30 days. “We live in a world of challenges that create fear, segregation and separation. We can change the narrative from disconnect and chaos to one of real connection and purpose. The Syntro-P Wellbeing Programme has helped me to create harmony in my life and I am immensely proud to be taking the first step towards inspiring others to make their 1mm shifts on this journey to health,” says Gaven as he prepares for his 1 October departure on this extreme journey.

By joining the Syntro-P Wellbeing programme, BrandMed is hoping to challenge South Africans to take a small step in the right direction to heal as individuals, as communities and the nation and ultimately shift the narrative of the individual and the country from a state of dis-ease to one of health and wellbeing.

For as little as R1,50 a day (R499/year), the Syntro-P Wellbeing progamme makes quality healthcare available in a virtual but very personal way. With an ever-growing connection to industry specialists, Syntro-P Wellbeing is the first step of many towards mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Visit to join the programme and follow the story of Gaven Sinclair’s Heel2Heal journey on

Find Syntro-P Wellbeing on Instagram or Facebook and Gaven Sinclair on Instagram and join in virtually or in person with Gaven as he runs the #Heel2Heal Challenge.


BrandMed (Pty) Limited, is a leading South African connected healthcare company that

integrates medical and lifestyle expertise and science with ground-breaking technologies to shift the focus from managing the world’s leading causes of morbidity and mortality in separate silos, to a holistic, comprehensive risk reduction and treatment approach. Our unique, connected health solutions across the care continuum are designed to measure, manage, educate and engage with both providers and patients with chronic lifestyle and Non-Communicable-Diseases (NCDs).


At Syntro-P, we believe that care and support should continue beyond the doctor consultation and script. In line with our vision to drive innovation in healthcare delivery, we have created an experience that high-quality, and person-centred, at a reduced cost of care. We have brought together a team of leading SA health and wellness experts, and have curated a fully integrated, science-based, affordable virtual lifestyle programme. This revolutionary programme provides dietary guidelines, exercise routines, breath control, life skills and coaching to enhance the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with NCDs.


Recipient of the Purple Hearts SA 2019 Award, for his extreme courage to step out from his comfort zone in support of humanity, Gaven Sinclair rose to fame in 2017 when he cycled for more than 10 000km from the Cape to Cairo. Today, Gaven is unarguably recognised as South Africa’s top solo, unsupported, extreme endurance adventurer having completed a 4000km run across 4 African countries in 2018; a 5km swim from Ilha de Mozambique to Coral Lodge in 2019; and a 388km run along the coast of Mozambique in 2020. Additionally, Gaven is the founder of Get Lost in Africa; and has secured his reputation as a leading motivational speaker, life coach and humanitarian activist.

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