Dodoma Jiji & Red Arrows Get New Sponsor 10bet

Only recently, the online entertainment hub 10bet announced that they would be sponsoring a variety of African teams, with the Dodoma Jiji & Red Arrows being just a few of the selected.                         

Everyone knows that sponsorship for a football club is a good thing, but only a small minority of said people actually know why that is the case. Furthermore, the Dodoma Jiji & Red Arrows will receive even more of a benefit from this new sponsorship than usual, which is exactly what we are going to be discussing throughout this article.

In this article, we will be talking about the recent news about 10bet sponsoring the Dodoma Jiji & Red Arrows, as well as discussing how this new sponsorship will affect both teams.  

What This Sponsorship Means for The Future of Dodoma Jiji and the Red Arrows

When it comes to the question of how useful a sponsorship is for a football club, the answer is wholly dependant on how well whichever teams in question are able to use the new support and funding available to them.

However, after the new 10bet Tanzania sponsorship, it is highly likely that both Dodoma Jiji and the Red Arrows will be able to utilise this sponsorship to the best of their abilities, and the number of improvements they now have the option of doing is mind-boggling.

Not only will both teams be able to get much better training equipment to improve the skills of the whole team, but they will also be able to create better marketing & advertising campaigns to draw in more fans to their games.

Having more fans is essential for a variety of reasons, and it’s not too much of a stretch to say that the number of fans a team has can almost be directly contributed to their success and popularity. Furthermore, apart from just being able to put more of an emphasis on garnering new fans through marketing and advertising, both teams will now be able to put on more of a spectacle at any of the games they play at, yet again further increasing the potential number of fans.

The Dodoma Jiji and Red Arrows may now have the opportunity to draw in bigger crowds, which would then lead to them playing at bigger stadiums, which would then even increase their popularity further.

It’s no secret that getting a football sponsorship is no easy task, so the fact that 10bet has chosen Dodoma Jiji and the Red Arrows will already do wonders for both of the teams, and it is likely that this whole ordeal will do nothing but increase the popularity of both teams ten-fold just on its own.

All in all, in almost every aspect you can think of, both the Dodoma Jiji and the Red Arrows are going to get enormous benefit from this new sponsorship, and it’s certainly an amazing time to be a fan of either of the teams. 

Who is 10bet & Why They Are Doing Amazing Things For The Zambian Sports Industry

10bet Zambia is an online entertainment hub that has recently decided to launch its services in Zambia as well as a few other locations around Africa. Even just the aforementioned point alone is great news for the economy of Africa, as even though there are a plethora of locations within Africa that are more than capable of accessing online sites, very few companies tend to enable their services due to the common misconceptions businesses hold about Africa and Zambia.

Furthermore, not only has 10bet helped the Zambian economy by opening their services, (which in of itself entices more businesses to set up shop within Zambia) but now that they have sponsored teams from some of the most popular sports in Zambia, 10bet are now managing to make a positive impact within the sports industry.

After taking into consideration all of the points we touched upon throughout this article, the reasons behind why the 10bet sponsorship of the Dodoma Jiji and the Red Arrows is such an amazing thing become seemingly clear.

Not only is this new sponsor going to allow both teams to take their game to the next level by having more expendable income to spend on whatever it is they wish, but it will also give other companies the push they need in order to start sponsoring smaller teams within Zambia.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this sponsorship affects both Dodoma Jiji and the Red Arrows, as well as to see if other companies will now be more willing to sponsor lesser-known teams in Zambia to help improve the Zambian sports industry as a whole.

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