The Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe When They’re Gaming In 2021

It is easy to worry about what your child may be exposed to when gaming, especially if it’s online. These tips and tricks will help you to keep them safe.

Keep Your Kids Safe When Gaming

There are numerous studies that delve into the many benefits that are derived from gaming – from creating an active social life, to allowing the opportunity for creativity and imaginative play to blossom to name a few – gaming is a beloved activity for children around the world. With that, however, is the worry that many parents have in the back of their mind – that their child is now vulnerable to online harassment, inappropriate content, or worse.

These worries are perfectly normal and good to delve into before you agree to any online gaming options for them. The easiest way to face these worries is by ensuring that you yourself know what is acceptable for your child’s age group to play and set up the device which will be used. Couple this with giving your children the right tools and strategies from the get-go will also help ease any apprehensions you have, ensuring your child has a safe space in which to play, create, and socialize.

How To Manage Your Kids Gaming Sessions

The number one rule for online gaming is always, be an active participant alongside them regularly during their gaming sessions. This way, your children not only will trust you and be eager to share what they’re doing instead of hiding what they’re up to, but your interest in this new part of their life will also signify your approval and help them blossom.

This willingness to share experiences early on alongside your child will also give you an in and allow you to have expandable topics and conversations regarding the areas in gaming in which they are most intrigued (stories, characters, world-building, or online friends). If you can game alongside them without taking over the experience, then do so.

Set Limits Regarding Chats

While chats with potential new friends around the world can be exciting, they can also be worrying for you as a parent. Set rules as to what is safe to discuss with others and what is not – such as never giving out their address, full name, or other personal information. For young children, you can definitely make it fun for them such as giving them a code name they can use online instead of their real one.

Remind your child that while chats with friends can be fun now and again, it’s better to spend their time gaming by playing the game and engage them in sharing what part of the game is the most fun – or frustrating so far. With regard to cyberbullying, keep an eye on the chats and the lingo that’s being used to avoid your child becoming a victim of online harassment.

Utilize Parental Controls

Most playlive casino games geared towards younger generations have parental controls which can be set via a family management option, so you can safely signup online too. This can help set automatic limits on the time allotted to various games and gaming functions. It can also help your child understand time management a bit better.

Limit In-App purchase options

To avoid having unexpected charges made to your credit card and blowing your budget, disallow in-app purchases without a password or biometric security approval.

If your child wishes to purchase upgrades or open new levels, they will need to check in with you first to ensure it’s fine. Older children should be able to put pocket money or spending allowances towards it -but set a budget for them first to ensure they don’t overspend.

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