The leading farm for variety and quality of chickens

Grain Field Chickens offers its customers the possibility to join a mailing list to receive a free recipe e-book. Variety, quality, safety and hygiene, we tell you the highlights of this South African poultry farm.

Since the founding of Grain Field Chickens more than ten years ago, the company’s top priority has been our fixed and unwavering priority: to serve high-quality chicken products in South Africa.

Desde el 2012 se ha instalado en Sudáfrica, operando con una serie de valores fundamentales tales como honestidad, la comunicación y el respeto. Estos principios le han permitido a Grain Field Chickens convertirse en uno de los principales proveedores de pollo de Sudáfrica en KZN y el Estado Libre.

Since 2012 it has been based in South Africa, operating with a set of core values such as honesty, communication and respect. These principles have enabled Grain Field Chickens to become one of South Africa’s leading chicken suppliers in KZN and the Free State.

Variety of recipes, quality and taste of the chicken

Grain Field Chickens products undergo a high-quality production process that guarantees their flavour. Their recipes are carefully selected to suit the taste and standards of authentic South African chicken dishes. By registering on the website and entering an email address, customers can receive an e-book with the best chicken recipes for tasting the best chicken.

Some of the most outstanding recipes that are available on the official website are:

  • Chicken livers, spinach and rice
  • Marinated chicken leg quarters
  • Chicken gizzards, potato and leek curry
  • Chicken and vegetable pie
  • Succulent chicken hamburgers

In case the customer is looking for premium portions of IQF chicken, Braai chicken packs or fresh whole chickens, Grain Field Chickens works with them, and offers a wide variety. Regarding their service, and its main features, the following description is available on the official website: “We supply frozen chickens, fresh chickens and more value-added chicken products to retailers, wholesalers and restaurants”. 

By working with the best tools and the world’s highest standards of hygiene and safety, the demand of its retail and wholesale customers for quality, fresh, true-tasting chicken is met.

The variety of chicken products 

  • Frozen chicken: A individually quick frozen, or IFQ, processing system allows products to be packaged in a way that maintains freshness and flavour.
  • Value-added products: Customers have a choice of marinated spatchcocks and chicken thighs, as well as Buffalo wings.
  • Fresh chickens: The chicken farm they operate at Reitz offers a rich, healthy and stress-free environment for GFC chickens. “We want our South African consumers to have access to nutritious, farm-fresh chickens.”

Grain Field Chickens has now been operating in South Africa for 12 years continuously expanding its range of chicken products, maintaining quality, operating to the highest standards of safety and hygiene and reaching more and better customers. Their genuine taste makes the farm’s chickens a customer favourite.

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