6 Tips To Harness The Power Of Social Media Marketing For Building A Social Media Presence For Your Business

Have you ever wanted your business to have a social community of its own and be able to generate quality traffic and leads from such platforms?

You’re not alone.

With 71% of businesses having a social media presence, it’s not a secret anymore that social media is a potential space for you to grow your business.

However, with so many businesses competing in this social space, improving your discoverability is not going to be easy.

Your social media strategy needs to be personalized to make sure you’re not missing on valuable opportunities and building the discoverability of your brand.

In this post, we will walk you through some of the best tips to harness the power of social media marketing to build a unique presence for your business.

Build a strategy

When we talk about strategies, we’re not talking about just creating a calendar for your content. Rather, identify why you want to work on social media content in the first place?

  • Is it because you want to build a social community?
  • Is it because you want to generate quality leads?
  • Is it because you want to run ads now and then?
  • Or, is it because your competitors are doing it?

Without having clarity about what your long-term goals are, your social media won’t be effective from the very first instance.

Social media is a very competitive space, and it’s getting more competitive every single day.

Setting a footprint online requires you to set goals and build a personalized strategy. Create measurable goals, match them against your realistic expectations, and create content that’s unique to just your brand.

Find your target audience

Before you even sign up for a page anywhere on social media, you need to figure out who your target audience is.

Finding your target audience is directly proportional to what kind of business you have and what kind of products/services you sell.

Social media is a great place to reflect your brand personality.

If you are creating content for the general public, hoping that people will eventually find it out, your social media marketing strategy is already a disaster.

However, if your content caters to the right audience, you can create a lasting impact and build your brand presence on social media more quickly than most businesses.

Use the right social platforms

If you own a marketing agency, it would make a lot of sense to use Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you own a realtor business, you’d want to use Facebook as well as Instagram.

Different kinds of businesses thrive on different types of social platforms. At the same time, building your social media presence on every single platform is also not a good idea.

If you can’t handle every single channel at once, find out where your audience hangs out the most and try to channel all your efforts towards it.

With the rise of platforms like Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts, there’s no shortage of platforms for you to distribute your content across.

Use visual content to your advantage

Videos and other forms of visual content are something that can seriously improve your discoverability across social media.

If you are trying to achieve success with visual content, you can create promotional videos and other forms of content that your users would prefer.

In case you want to create videos and other forms of visual content for your brand, all you need is an online video editor and an understanding of how would you define and portray your products or services to your audience which lays down the base as to how your users view your brand and website.

On the other hand, videos like how-to, testimonials, product/service demos, and more are just a few of many examples of the different types of videos you can create for your social media.

Focus on user experience

With the massive pools of content on social media, you need to be extremely customer-centric and focus on improving user experience.

Social media gives people,

  • The value around your industry
  • Insights that are relevant to them
  • Facts that they weren’t aware of before

Being over-promotional and self-obsessed isn’t going to sit well with your audience. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and ask yourself what they would like.

Besides self-promotion, you can show behind-the-scenes of your team, your company culture and take regular feedback from your customers.

Responding regularly to your customers’ queries and messages is also going to put your brand in the spotlight since it provides a personalized experience to your audience.

Allocate a budget

Social media is free, social media marketing isn’t always!

There are always costs involved in social media, especially when you want to improve your discoverability faster.

Allocating a budget for your social media allows you to spend on paid ads. More importantly, it also allows you to have a social media manager who can basically manage all the content for you.

Being a creative process, social media involves an amalgamation of copywriting and creative designing. How you allocate your resources and budget to the same is directly going to impact how successful your marketing strategy is.

The best part about social media is that there’s no right or wrong strategy. Some marketers achieve success and growth by practically spending an amount as low as $100, while some can’t achieve this growth by spending thousands of dollars.


Social media marketing is one of the most discernible of a successful business.

It is a creative process that takes time, effort, and strategic adjustment to just be able to find part of your target audience.

A lot of businesses resort to social media marketing just to indulge with their audience more and build a space in the user community.

If you are a business, you wouldn’t want to overlook the power of social media marketing, as it can practically build a strong brand personality for you.

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