8 Smart Tips To Choose The Best Stock Trading App To Meet Your Trading Needs

Do you know that a stock trading app simplifies trading for its users? Even if you’re a beginner and stuck somewhere in trading, this is the time to start using the trading app. Many trading platforms or online broker companies provide stock trading apps to their customers. Some exchanges, such as Capital.com, only offer one or two applications. With these applications, these companies help stock traders of all levels to execute buying and selling orders with the touch of a button. 

Once you install the stock trading app, you are trading with the licenced broker online. The account you create on the app is the same regardless of the media you use to log in. You can then purchase or sell stocks from significant corporations all across the world. 

We’re going to provide you with all the important points in order to make you able to choose the best trading app. This ensures that you may select a South African stockbroker who fulfils your requirements.

Tips For Choosing The Right Stock Trading App

1. Regulation 

The most critical factor to consider when selecting the best stock app for your requirements is to confirm that the broker is secure and licenced. You will, after all, be investing your hard-earned money into the app. So, you must be vigilant while choosing the app.  As a result, you should only use a stock app if it is licenced by a credible licencing agency.

That would be the FSCA in South Africa. When looking for a worldwide stock broker app, search for those that are authorized by the financial authorities such as FCA, ASIC, or CySEC. This ensures that you may purchase and sell stocks in a secure atmosphere. It will also guarantee that your funds are kept separate from the broker’s personal bank account.

2. Available Stocks

Obviously, you must investigate which stocks you will be allowed to trade. For example, if you want to trade stocks that are registered on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Plus500 is the perfect option. This is due to the fact that its trading software allows you access to a plethora of South African equities. 

Capital.com is probably the right choice if you are more engaged in major corporations from the United States, such as Amazon, Tesla, and Google. You should also investigate if the trading programme allows you to ‘purchase’ or ‘trade’ shares using stock CFDs.

3. Mobile Trading Experience

When stock applications initially got popular, the entire trading process was quite laborious. However, technology has advanced considerably in recent years, making it feasible to purchase and sell stocks without being hampered by a smaller screen.

That is not to argue that all stock market applications should provide a flawless experience while several companies start to decline in this area.

4. Demo Accounts

The ideal stock trading applications are those that provide full-fledged demo accounts. Capital.com, for example, provides all new users with a demo account that includes trading with fake money. This means you’ll be able to practise stock trading without putting your real money in danger.

Importantly, the Capital.com sample account option is accessible via the company’s own stock app. We also enjoy how the Capital.com sample account replicates the actual financial markets.

The benefit of using a demo account is that That is, anything you perform or practice on the demo account in terms of pricing, volume, and liquidity will correspond to what you’ll actually observe in the genuine stock markets. This guarantees that you may practise stock trading in real-world market situations.

5. Fees

There are so many stock trading apps available that impose trading fees but you have to analyze and compare those apps and choose the one that suits your requirements as well as your budget. So, you will have to pay a charge in order to purchase and sell stocks via your mobile phone. But some trading apps don’t have any trading charges. You will be free to transact without spending a single penny if you choose a CFD broker such as Plus500 or Capital.com. You should consider the spread.

If you want to acquire shares in the classic sense, you will usually have to pay a share dealing charge. This is often a fixed cost payable on both sides of the transaction.

6. Trading Platform & Tools

Then you should think about the mobile stock platform. Importantly, just because you’re trading on your smartphone doesn’t mean you won’t require chart reading software. As a result, ensure that the app has technical indicators and other chart-reading tools.


If you are new to the world of mobile stock trading, you should select an app that provides instructive content. Capital.com excels in this area since it provides a variety of materials to assist you in expanding your trading skills.

This contains critical trading strategy manuals and explainers, as well as frequent webinars. Of course, all of this is accessible via the provider’s standard app.

7. Payment Methods

You will be placing your cash into your preferred stock app. As a result, you must select a supplier who accepts your selected payment option. Most South Africans prefer to use a local debit or credit card since the payment is completed promptly.

This is also true for e-wallets such as Paypal and Skrill. Most stock applications also offer to deposit and withdraw cash using your local bank account. However, the cash may take a few days to arrive.

8. Customer Service

Finally, be certain that your selected stock trading software has excellent customer service. In a perfect world, the app would allow you to reach the customer service staff. Normally, you may accomplish this using a live chat option.

How to Use the Best Stock Trading App for Beginners in South Africa

On the basis of the above-mentioned factors, you’ll now be able to select a stock app that suits your investment objectives. Now, we’ll look into the process of registration to make you able to utilise the app. Let’s consider the Libertex trading app and follow the steps below.

1. Install the Libertex App after downloading it.

As we mentioned before in this post, the safest way to accomplish this is to go to the Libertex website and find out the link to download its app. This will prevent you from downloading a replica of the programme from your particular store. Install the application after it has been downloaded.

2. Open Account and Upload ID

When you initially use the app, Libertex will prompt you to create an account. This is common practice in the stock app sector since the brokerage business has to know who you are before it can give you trading services. 

Next, they’ll ask you to enter your complete name, your permanent address, date of birth, South African tax number, contact information, etc.  You must also select a username and password, which will be used to log into Libertex on subsequent visits to the app.

3. Deposit Funds

You will be prompted to deposit money after the account has been opened. You can use any of the methods below:

  • Credit card
  • Debit Card
  • Traditional Bank account

The minimum payment is EUR 10.00.

4. Make a trade or an investment

You can begin trading stocks as soon as your Libertex account is funded. To begin, enter the name of the firm with whom you desire to deal. We’ll use Netflix as an example.

When you select the ‘Buy’ button, an order screen will open. This is where you put the amount you want to bet on the deal. Finally, press the ‘Open Trade’ button to finish your stock trade!

Our Conclusive Remarks!

If you’re new to trading, it’s critical to choose a stock app that matches your level of expertise. You’ll want a simple, intuitive platform that’s suitable for beginners with a demo account to practice trading before handing over your actual investment to the trading app. To streamline the process, you’ll also want minimal costs, instructional materials, and trading tools. You can find out a diverse range of stock trading apps on coinrevolution.com/za/trading/best-trading-apps-in-south-africa

In our opinion, Capital.com wins in each of these areas. For starters, it boasts a tremendously easy site designed for inexperienced traders with a $100,000 fake balance to the demo account. With no commission and excellent instructional resources, it’s simple to understand why Capital.com is our selection for the best stock app for beginners. Anyhow, if you’re an expert, you can choose any licenced trading app that fulfils your needs. 

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