How Freelancing Can Also Ensure Income Security

Freelancing can be difficult for quite a few reasons, but isn’t every job?

Why should we jump back into the nuisance of a 9-5 only because there is some level of job security in it. There are ways with which you can get the same with your freelancing and earn enough for good sustenance. 

A career in freelancing is not new, but after the pandemic, the prospects have surely skyrocketed. Yes, there are still people who would bat an eye towards freelancing, thinking that it is all roses in bed, working for two hours a day in a cafeteria happily. 

But, your job does not give them any consolation regarding your work. If you are here to understand the tips with which you can ensure job security even for freelancing, then read more. 

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What Is Freelancing

Freelancing, in simple terms, is when you are not under any contractual basis in a corporate sector doing 9-5. You will be working in your own space with different companies since your payment is based on work and not the hours spent in the office. 

At first, it will be a little tough to get a hold of their work. However, with experience, you will be able to deal with a few companies at a time and earn a living you desire.

Freelancing With Job Security

Here is how you can assure freelancing with job security. According to the latest statistics, more than 81% of US companies want to hire freelancers for hassle-free work. They are getting more efficient work from these individuals who are working remotely.

1. Have An Online Platform

It doesn’t matter if you are not working under a company; you yourself need to brand yourself with perfection. Only then will the companies get drawn towards you. Two of the most effective ways with which you can have an online presence would be- 

– Social Media.

– Website. 

Especially if your freelancing skills include SEO, content writing, and social media management, there could be no better portfolio than your own work. So, even if you do not have any companies on board, you can make a good impression with a well-prepared and framed online presence.

2. Do Not Stop Working On Your Skills

No matter how many offers you get, you should never stop learning. If you excel in one skill like SEO, do not cast aside the others like web designing and content marketing. After all, in the digital world, all these skills are important, and they will soon be integrated. 

Therefore, it is important that you hone your skills and always add new to your portfolio. Rather than just working on one sector, if you are working on many, you will have more companies approaching you.

3. Have An Impressive Portfolio

Yes, you can write about everything that you do and how your work will bring great success to someone’s project. However, these are just words, and words will need credible proof for someone to hire you. 

Your impressive portfolio is going to be that word of proof. Even if you do not have your works published yet, and previous companies you have worked with stand at zero, you will still need to make a portfolio where you add work every day. 

It is also the practice that will make you perfect!

Benefits Of Freelancing

Here are some of the benefits of the freelancing business. This is to give you an idea if you are planning to get into one. 

  • Flexible Hours: Yes, this is one of the biggest privileges of freelancing; it is not your normal 9-5. This is a job where you can choose to finish your task whenever you want, as long as it is meeting the deadline.
  • More Freedom: You do not have to do something you absolutely despise. That kind of seems like the theme of corporate jobs now. If there is a certain company whose ethics do not match with yours, then you have the freedom to choose the next one.
  • Improving Skill Set: When you are not restricted in the grid of impressing your boss or doing extra hours for that increment day, you can always give more time to improve your skill set. With this improved skill set, you will get more opportunities.
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