VIN lookup – How to check car history in South Africa

Buying a car is always a responsible step, which must be approached with all responsibility.

When it comes to a new BMW, we consider many factors before we own it.  A person constantly monitors all the data about a particular model, studying it to the smallest detail, so as not to make a mistake with the choice.

But not always we can buy a new car from the salon (and often it doesn’t even always make sense). In such cases, we choose to buy a used car.

In this case, the procedure of inspection of our future car is different.

You need to do a full check of the history of the car, with also a VIN number check.

We offer you a few points that you need to pay special attention to in order for your financial investment to be one hundred percent successful. 

Are all car specs are correct

One of the important advantages is that you get all the car specs that interest you. First of all, this concerns the initial data on the exact date of manufacture of the machine, the name of the brand, and model.  Further you can learn about more technical data, for example, body type, then it concerns the engine (its volume and power), production series, drive type, air conditioning system, color and type of painting, interior trim.

You also have access to service history, which allows you to track all actions with your potential car. This history shows all the repairs that have been made. You have access to all the options and functions of the car!

Of the important, there is also access to vehicle recalls. This helps to get more detailed information about the machine, make sure it fits you exactly, and also compare with other models.

Check Odometer Readings

Next on the list is the car mileage check.  When you buy a car that someone has already used before you, one of the main criteria is mileage. The quality of use depends on it. After all, the greater the mileage, the worse the performance.

Check if the car is stolen

The main and most important advantage in the stolen vehicle check. This item keeps you in safety. The main danger of buying used machines is that they can be stolen or involved in criminal offenses.  This is a common problem that people may encounter when buying a car from a non-authorized dealer. But each car is in the database of the police stations, so you will definitely understand if it has a criminal past or not.

We invite you to read the VIN check sample report! In it, you can see that all of the above items that are listed in this article are also displayed in the sample.

When you choose a car’s checker, you must understand exactly that you must see absolutely all the data from the car. Whatever this characteristic is, it should be displayed.  If you do not see any data, then you should probably find exactly the cars checker that will reveal all the cards to you. We advise you to re-read all the points that were mentioned in this article in order to understand exactly what information you can have.

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