Health And Wellness For Field Service Workers: X Tips And Advice

When was the last time you heard a plumber talk about mental health?

We’re getting behind Beyond Blue to help try and change that. We want to encourage more open conversations about the mental health challenges that so many Australians face. Whether you’re situated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or elsewhere, health is just too important to forget.

We believe it’s so important that our team at Fergusons Plumbing Group feel able to openly discuss and support those dealing with mental health challenges, and would like to encourage other businesses to do the same. If we can help in some way to take the stigma out of the challenges that so many Aussies face from time to time, it means we can all support each other in both the good and the bad times.

Please don’t think for a moment that this will distract us from our core plumbing businesses at FPG. Rest assured it won’t. In fact, we believe it will help achieve the opposite. While plumbing fixtures, clearing drains, fixing dripping taps and so on is what we do all day every day, we believe that having a strong and supportive team will only help us in delivering for our valued customers week in, week out.

We encourage you to get behind this important Beyond Blue cause and to also work with your colleagues, your staff and your friends and family to make sure everyone is safe and feels supported.

A huge thanks to all for their support,

The Fergusons Plumbing Crew

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