Health And Wellness For Field Service Workers: 5 Tips And Advice

Health and wellness are aspects to seek for your well-being. Health often surrounds the physical body being free from illnesses. Wellness entails overall well-being, touching on social, emotional, mental, physical, and occupational aspects.

It’s said that most people spend most of their day at work. Therefore, employers are encouraged to promote health and wellness in their workplace.

Suppose you have a team of field service workers. How will you enhance their health and wellness? Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Improve Worker Engagement

Solitude can affect your workers’ health and wellness, as they spend too much time alone. Aloneness deprives them of the opportunity to share their thoughts or problems with anyone else.

Worker engagement is the practice to adopt with your field service workers. Here, you’ll encourage workers to build relationships among themselves. This way, everyone will always have someone to talk to and assist each other in solving issues.

In various ways, you can boost worker engagement as an employer, like the Fergusons Plumbing Group. Consider holding regular team-building sessions to help strengthen the team’s relationships. Also, assign field work in teams instead of individually. This way, workers won’t feel alone traveling and working independently.

  1. Adopt Work Flexibility

Work pressure is said to be one of the contributing factors to a lack of health and wellness. It arises from a lot of workloads and pressure to perform and deliver results that build the company.

Most of the time, you can barely reduce your work since you have customers’ needs to meet. Instead, create flexibility in how your workers execute their roles. Do this by letting your field service workers decide how and when they’ll work. It might seem like a far-fetched idea, but it isn’t.

Make these flexibilities work by giving your team targets and the timeframes for finishing the tasks, maybe in a week. With these, your workers can work only in the mornings or fully work for three days and rest the remaining days of the week, as long as they’ve fulfilled their deliverables. 

With such a working system, there’s minimal pressure that can deteriorate your team’s mental health.

  1. Address Worker Issues

Conflicts are common in any place where many people are working together; your workplace is no exception. On the other hand, workers have different personalities; some are outspoken, and others aren’t. In other situations, some workers create a negative environment for others through bullying. Such an environment reduces the health and wellness of your field service workers. There’ll be decreased customer satisfaction, which can take a toll on your workers.

Counter such a work environment by addressing worker issues as soon as they’re brought to you. Take action against those who bully others and create policies to prevent future incidences. The result is a positive workplace where everyone lives in harmony, with all energy focused on deliverables.

  1. Promote Physical Wellness

Wellness is all about promoting health, and physical fitness is part of good health. Therefore, promote physical wellness among your field service workers.

This team is on and off in the office. While in the office, encourage them to take the stairs instead of using lifts. Consider getting them gym memberships to inspire them to workout. If getting fully paid memberships is expensive, you can give them discounts.

On the other hand, when they’re in the field, please encourage them to eat healthy meals, even in their busy schedules. Nutritionists can help them learn about healthy eating, for example, by suggesting simple recipes such as salads and fruits.

Physical health promotes positivity and releases good energy, enhancing health and wellness.

  1. Hire A Mental Health Expert

As previously stated, workers have different personalities. For overall health and wellness, you must accommodate all your workers regardless of their personalities.

Hiring a mental health expert is an ideal way of accommodating everyone. They’re professionals and will assist even those who find opening up about their issues challenging.

It’s important to note that there’s often a stigma surrounding visiting mental health experts. Eliminate this stigma by sensitizing the importance of mental health to your workers. By doing this, no one will find it challenging to talk about their issues, and one will stigmatize the other for seeing the expert.


Health and wellness are important for your workers. They help your team be the best versions of themselves, even as they fulfill their responsibilities at your company. The discussion above has given tips on promoting these two aspects of your business. Consider implementing them for all-rounded field service workers that are happy and content with life. 

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