What return on investment can you expect from RichVIP?

Throughout the global financial market, the stock market has continued to fall for nearly a year, among which the influencing factors are more complex, and the repeated epidemic will inevitably increase the uncertainty of future development. Therefore, it is recommended that before the relevant factors are determined, it is still necessary to have some patience and wait. Of course, it is not to do nothing, and the fund is definitely a safer choice. What types of funds should you choose?

Or, more specifically, what kind of fund will allow wealth management to continue to grow healthily? How to make investments safer? How to meet more customer needs? In RichVIP’s view, a financial brand from excellent to excellent, by no means how large, but how reliable. That needs to be backed up by strong results. It takes plenty of time to see.

If you want to invest in a fund, RichVIP will be a rare choice for you!

Fund Introduction

RichVIP offers you investment opportunities with high rates of return and flexible investment options. It offers a stepped interest rate structure that allows investors to choose the investment term that best suits their financial goals. RichVIP promises to return your investment principal and agreed interest at the end of your investment term.

Team introduction

Human capital with rich professional knowledge and practical experience is the core competitiveness of RichVIP, which gathers a group of top professional investment teams. They have both global vision and local wisdom. They accurately grasp the market development trend. In the fund investment risk , advantages are very significant. They have high-level data analysis, macro and industry fundamental research, investment trading, risk management, operational services and other professional capabilities, and have rich experience in the fund business.

Every investment option presented to you is a diversified portfolio that balances risk and return. And according to the customer’s own situation, whether you are an experienced investor, or a novice, whether you seek short-term profits or long-term returns, the investment team will recommend different investment options according to your situation, so that you can invest with confidence, and ultimately get high returns!

How to complete the order

Customer service hours: 9:00 am to 9:00 PM

Withdrawal time: 9:00 am to 5:00 PM on weekdays

Arrival time: Within 48 hours after receiving the goods

RichVIP professional advice

Many novices will be distressed to choose funds, high-quality funds can let you make money easily. Inferior funds make you nervous every day. How to choose a high-quality fund? In fact, there are several small shortcuts can go.

1, look at the cumulative return of the fund.

The cumulative return is the trend of the fund over the years, and no one will choose a fund with an overall downward trend. We can also compare the average of cumulative returns across all funds with an overall upward trend. After the two rounds of screening, the funds you get are basically funds with qualified quality in the market.

2, look at the maximum drawdown of the fund.

The maximum drawdown of the fund can see whether the risk control of the fund is good or not. The smaller the maximum drawdown, the more the fund is worth buying, and the larger the maximum drawdown, the more dangerous the fund.

Choose the fund, choose RichVIP!

RichVIP is looking forward to your joining! Hope to reach deep cooperation with you!


This article is promotional in nature and intended to provide general information about online investments. Investments or trading online can carry significant risks, especially if you do not have prior experience with this type of operations.

Before making any investment decision, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice and conduct thorough research. Remember, your capital is at risk, and you may lose more than you initially invested. Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Online investments are not suitable for all investors. Please fully understand the risks before investing.

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