Booysen condemns race-based legislation

My position is in line with the call to action currently trending on Facebook, which reads: “The ANC government wants to tell us where we can work and where we can live based on the colour of our skin. Live stream the DA’s mass march on our YouTube or Facebook pages on 26 July as we take to the streets of Cape Town to unite as a country and say no to race quotas!”

I, Memory Booysen, the Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), strongly condemn the persistence of race-based laws, racial quotas, and the draconian racial classification system in South Africa. Within our current multi-party coalition, we stand firm in our belief of a non-racial South Africa. All citizens must have fair access to jobs and opportunities. We see this as essential for the progress and unity of South Africa who belongs to all of us.

Despite significant strides made to date towards building a democratic society based on the principles of equality and justice, certain race-based laws and policies continue to impede our collective goal of fostering a truly non-racial South Africa. These laws and policies undermine the very foundations of equality and fair competition, perpetuating racial divisions and hindering social cohesion.

The draconian racial classification system, reminiscent of the apartheid era, perpetuates harmful stereotypes and obstructs the development of a unified and harmonious society. It is our duty as responsible citizens to voice our opposition to outdated practices and advocate for a just, inclusive, and non-racial South Africa.

The Employment Equity Act will confer on the Minister wide-ranging powers to set numerical race-based employment targets across varying sectors and regions. The Act will further require employers to secure compliance certificates issued by the Minister, to do business with the state. This will increase inefficiency and add layers and layers of red-tape for anyone wanting to conduct business in South Africa.

South Africa is reported to have the highest unemployment rate world-wide of 32.7%, as reported in the last quarter of 2022.

The amended Employment Equity Act will not bring about the transformation of the workplace, it supposedly proposes. Instead, it will only further impoverish the vast majority of South Africans, while enriching a thin sliver of highly politically connected individuals. This is a lived experience under the policy of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE).

The provisions of this Act will result in a further exodus of skills from South Africa, slowing down the South African economy, and reducing opportunities of millions to engage in the economy.

South African businesses are already having an extremely difficult time under the weight of a deteriorating economy, which are fuelled by load-shedding that started in 2007 already. It has been 16 years of a downward spiral for the majority of South Africans.

In light of this, GRDM calls upon all residents who believe in a non-racial South Africa, where fair access to jobs and opportunities prevail, to join us in a peaceful protest. The protest will be held in George on 26 July 2023, serving as a collective expression of our commitment to dismantling race-based laws and policies.

Our goal is to demonstrate solidarity and demand change.

We call upon the South African government to review and repeal all race-based laws, racial quotas, and the draconian racial classification system that perpetuate racial divisions and hinder progress towards equality. It is through our collective voices and actions that we can effect real change and lay the foundation for a just and inclusive society.

We invite all residents who share our vision of a non-racial South Africa to stand united with us on 26 July 2023.

Together, let us create an inclusive future where opportunities are based on merit and fairness, not on the colour of one’s skin.

More information will be available on my Facebook page or the official Democratic Alliance Facebook page here:

For queries contact Siphiwe Dladla, Chief of Staff, Office of the Executive Mayor

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