How to clean up your car garage

The proposed ideas will help organize order in the garage, this has been tested in practice and has already helped many motorists. They helped me too. And now my Jeep Grand Cherokee is in perfect cleanliness. You can use the proposed storage ideas in the garage in other utility rooms on the plot.

A cluttered garage is a big problem, so you need to zone it. A faulty car or motorcycle can be given to greens salvage for repairs during the cleaning. The garage should be treated the same way as any other space in the house, so everything in it should have meaning, serve a purpose, be useful and lie in its place.

A garage – like any technical space – can be a source of serious clutter. If you are a living person, then most likely your garage is the focus of clutter, and you are stubbornly fighting it. Here are a few ideas for organizing this space – not all of them may work for you, but it’s worth trying each and choosing the right one.

Put up shelves. To avoid floor clutter, install a pre-made vertical shelving system or build your own. Choose between metal, wood and plastic, but if you live in an area with high humidity, protect the wood from moisture.

Install boxes. Things like batteries, trash bags, and outdoor play accessories should be close at hand. Use an old wardrobe and arrange everything in transparent boxes or install a chest of drawers with roomy drawers.

Use the ceiling. What most people don’t think about is that the garage ceiling can also be used for storage. Hang bikes or add shelves above your door to store holiday decor.

Organize everything in containers. Large containers are great for most shelving and hold a ton of stuff.

The small boxes are great for flashlights, tape measures, duct tape, and other small tools. Sort things into categories to create the perfect order.

Label all containers, large and small. Use a labeler, hanging labels, chalkboard paint, or a regular marker—whatever suits your taste. Marking will immediately speed up and facilitate the search for the desired item. This is especially useful in the garage, where an item may only be needed for a short period of time.

Finish the garage makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Hardware stores offer DIY garage flooring kits, but you can call in a professional instead.

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