Six Gun Grill SWD Cricket League results


The defending champions, Knysna Cavaliers, together with last year’s finalists Pacaltsdorp United and Union Stars I- and II has been on the winning side of Saturday’s quarter final fixtures and has advanced to the semi-finals that will be played on Saturday. 

Union Stars II (92/9) thanks to a match winning bowling performance by Franklin Stuurman (4/5) had to dig deep for a nail-biting 10 runs victory against the Garden Route Badgers u/19’s for a 10 runs victory. 

Pacaltsdorp United vs Mossel Bay

MOSSEL BAY 80 all out (19.3 overs) (Liaybona Malife 3/13, Heath Richards 2/17, Franco Geldenhuys 2/18)

PACALTSDORP UNITED 84/3 (8.2 overs) (Blayde Cappell 38, Heath Richards 20, Ruaan Moore 2/16)

Pacaltsdorp United won by 7 wickets 

Union Stars I vs Harlequins Forces

HARLEQUINS FORCES 115/9 (20 overs) (Cameron Avontuur 45, Blain Willemse 25, Breyton Arries 5/17, Hershell America 2/13)

UNION STARS I 116/2 (16.5 overs) (Keenan Arries 41, Kelly Smuts 31)

Union Stars I won by 8 wickets.

Union Stars II vs SWD U/19

UNION STARS II 92/9 (20 overs) (Joviano Tock 23, Charl Marias 2/13)

SWD U/19 (82/9 20 overs) (Stefan May 35, Corné Kennedy 19, Franklin Stuurman 4/5 (pictured above), Envirino Swartz 2/12)

Union Stars II won by 10 runs. 

Knysna Cavaliers vs Plett Pioneers

PLETT PIONEERS 124/7 (20 overs) (Danrick Moodien 41, Blake Linder 2/12, Werner Mels 2/23)

KNYSNA CAVALIERS 125/5 (17.1 overs) (Keenan Vieira 50*, Hayden Sweet 48, Keith Oraai 2/25)

Knysna Cavaliers won by 5 wickets.

The summarised score cards in the SWDC Promotion-, Reserve and Women’s league of the weekend are


Heidelberg United vs Madibaz George

HEIDELBERG UNITED 137 all out (24.5 overs)

MADIBAZ GEORGE 138/6 (25.4 overs)

Madibaz George won by 4 wickets.

Telesto Ramblers vs Hartenbos

TELESTO RAMBLERS 274/8 (50 overs); HARTENOS 124 all out

Telesto Ramblers won by 150 runs. 


Telesto Ramblers B vs Madibaz George B

TELESTO RAMBLERS B 361/7 (40 overs)

MADIBAZ GEORGE B 36 all out (14.1 overs)

Telesto Ramblers B won by 325 runs.


Harlequins Forces vs Pacaltsdorp United

HARLEQUINS FORCES 32 all out (11.4 overs)

PACALTSDORP UNITED 33/0 (2.1 overs)

Pacaltsdorp United won by 10 wickets

George vs Harlequins Forces

HARLEQUINS FORCES 79 all out (13.4); GEORGE 80/1 (7.2 overs)

George won by 9 wickets.

Mossel Bay vs Union Stars

MOSSEL BAY 7 all out (12.2 overs); UNION STARS 12/0 (.4 overs)

Union Stars won by 10 wickets.

Union Stars vs Pacaltsdorp United

UNION STARS 205/2 (20 overs); PACALTSDORP UNITED 113/7 (20 overs)

Union Stars won by 92 runs. 

Union Stars vs George

UNION STARS 178/1 (20 overs); GEORGE 82/3 (20 overs)

Union Stars won by 96 runs.

Harlequins Forces vs Union Stars

HARLEQUINS FORCES 36 all out (14.5 overs); UNION STARS 37/2 (4 overs)

Union Stars won by 8 wickets.

Mossel Bay vs Harlequins Forces

MOSSEL BAY 90/3 (20 overs); HARLEQUINS FORCES 91/5 (15.2 overs)

Harlequins Forces won by 5 wickets.

Pacaltsdorp United vs Mossel Bay

PACALTSDORP UNITED 207/3 (20 overs); MOSSEL BAY 58/7 (20 overs)

Pacaltsdorp United won by 149 runs

Mossel Bay vs George

MOSSEL BAY 50/9 (20 overs); GEORGE 51/0 (6.5 overs)

George won by 10 wickets.

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