Who Needs The Services Of A Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication Company?

Stainless steel provides unmatched durability, aesthetics, and customizability for architectural projects, equipment, and components exposed to high-wear conditions. For applications requiring specially engineered stainless items, partnering with a custom stainless steel fabrication company like Martain Stainless Steel is often the ideal choice. Here are some of the most common users of custom stainless steel fabrication services:

Architects and Designers

Architects depend on steel fabricators to bring unique structural and design elements to life including custom railings, canopies, panels, wall accents and decorative features made from stainless steel. Fabricators make their visions achievable.


Engineers develop plans for specialized stainless equipment, tanks, piping systems, platforms, stairs, and supports that steel fabricators can produce to precise specifications. Steel fabrication brings their custom designs to reality.


Government entities utilize stainless steel fabrication services for infrastructure elements including wall cladding, signage, railings, facility upgrades, street furniture, and utility structures made to withstand heavy public use and outdoor exposure.

Commercial Kitchens

Restaurants, cafeterias, and commercial kitchens require custom stainless steel fabricators to create food prep stations, exhaust hoods, serving counters, sanitary flooring, wall panels and kitchen equipment uniquely suited for their space and needs.

Manufacturing Facilities

Plants and factories turn to steel fabricators to produce customized tanks, platforms, mezzanines, railings, equipment guards, CIP systems, and structural components meeting specific dimensions, load capacities, and sanitation requirements.

Maritime Industry

Vessel manufacturers and shipyards utilize steel fabrication to construct railings, stairs, safety equipment, water tanks, platforms, piping systems and other specialized items able to withstand ocean use.

Research Labs

Scientific research laboratories have extremely rigorous requirements for all equipment and components to maintain sterile conditions and prevent contamination that could skew test results. Research labs need stainless steel fabricators to create customized hygienic lab benches, chemical fume hoods, hazardous material storage cabinets, emergency eyewash and shower stations, lab sinks, safety shields, and ventilation systems fully compliant with their exact standards. The nonporous and non-oxidizing properties of stainless steel make it an ideal material for fabricators to produce laboratory items able to withstand caustic chemicals and thorough sanitization procedures. Steel fabricators adept at working with grade 316 stainless can deliver solutions purpose-built for sensitive research settings.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry poses some of the most demanding conditions for equipment durability and performance. Auto repair shops, service garages, quick lube centers, and commercial car washes rely heavily on custom stainless steel fabricators to construct solutions able to withstand years of exposure to chemicals, grease, grime and heavy usage. Fabricators produce customized stainless steel wash bays, locker room partitions, oil storage lockers, stairways, trench drains and chemical-resistant flooring designed specifically for auto service facilities. The non-slip finish and corrosion resistance stainless steel provides makes it an ideal choice for fabricators serving the demanding needs of the automotive sector.

Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality sector, aesthetics and guest experience are paramount. Hotels, resorts, waterparks, restaurants, bars, and casinos choose custom stainless steel fabricators to produce stylish and durable decorative accents, exterior signage, pool railings, serving stations and display cases that enhance their spaces. Hospitality businesses want guests impressed by upscale, visually striking design features that also withstand constant public use. Fabricators adept at working with polished or brushed stainless steel can provide resilient decorative elements built to last for decades under hospitality service while maintaining a pristine, upscale appearance. Their work elevates hospitality settings.


Whether required for architecture, infrastructure, manufacturing, research, or commercial use, these industries turn to custom fabricators to construct specialty stainless steel items meeting their unique specifications. Fabricators have the expertise to deliver when standardized products cannot suffice. Their capabilities unlock innovative possibilities using durable and versatile stainless steel.

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