Choosing The Best Roller Door Supplier For Your Hotel Project

Installing high-quality roller doors is an important part of any hotel construction or renovation project. Roller doors provide security, access control, sound insulation, and visual appeal to hotel lobbies, storage areas, back-of-house spaces, and more. With the wide variety of roller door systems on the market, selecting the right supplier is key to getting doors that meet your specific hotel’s needs. Follow this guide to find the best roller door supplier like Steel-Line for your hotel project.

Assess Your Needs 

Start by making a list of all the places you want to install roller doors in your hotel. This may include the main lobby entrance, back hallways, storage and supply rooms, garages or loading docks, restaurant entrances, conference room dividers, parking garage access points, and more. For each location, specify important details like size, traffic volume, desired level of security, acoustic needs, temperature variations, and the surrounding floor, wall and ceiling finishes. This helps potential suppliers understand your exact requirements.

Research Local Suppliers

Search online for roller door companies located in your area. Look for specialists that focus specifically on commercial doors rather than residential suppliers. Check websites and customer reviews to get a sense of each supplier’s experience with hotel projects, range of products, services, lead times and reputation for service. Create a list of three to five well-qualified suppliers for further evaluation.

Compare Products and Services

Meet with sales representatives from each supplier to review your list of roller door needs. Ask questions about their specific products and capabilities:

  • What commercial door brands and models will best fit my application requirements? 
  • What warranty coverage comes with the doors?
  • Are noise-reduction and thermal insulation options available?  
  • What safety features come standard?
  • What lead times can you guarantee? 
  • Will installation be handled by your technicians or subcontractors?

Be sure to get product spec sheets, maintenance instructions, references from past hotel clients, and quotes in writing for budgeting and decision making.  

Evaluate Custom Capabilities  

Standard commercial roller doors may not always meet the unique aesthetic needs of a luxury hotel or specialized restaurant space. Ask your potential suppliers about their custom design and manufacturing capabilities:

  • Can you match our hotel’s decorative finishes like wood laminates, metal types or painted colors?
  • Are options like vision panels, venting or custom graphics available?
  • Can you create curved or unusually shaped doors for special architectural elements?
  • Do you have in-house engineering for modifying product dimensions and features?

Custom doors often require extending lead times and budgets, but the right supplier makes the process smooth.

Verify Code Compliance

Your new roller doors must comply with the applicable state, city and local building codes for fire safety, emergency egress, accessibility, and other factors. Reputable commercial door vendors will be well-versed in relevant regulations. Confirm that the products quoted conform to any codes your hotel project must meet.


Choosing roller doors for heavy use spaces like hotels and restaurants is more complex than a simple residential garage project. Following these steps will help you identify the perfect door supplier match for your building’s unique needs and budget. Partnering with a knowledgeable vendor ensures your hotel’s security, noise control, aesthetics and function all roll smoothly for many years to come.

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