Why Hiring A Professional Mezzanine Floor Installer Matters?

Installing a new mezzanine floor in your commercial space or warehouse allows expanding usable footprint to accommodate inventory, shelving, equipment and even offices without the high cost of new construction. But attempting DIY mezzanine builds risks safety hazards plus functionality issues from imprecise assembly. Protecting your investment and operations instead requires an mezzanine floor installer like AW Structures’s  oversight.

Here’s why their skill at erecting bespoke fitted platforms efficiently makes all the difference:

Precision Measurement & Components Fabrication

Achieving structural soundness and satisfying building codes for mezzanine levels starts with meticulous sizing of all braces, deck panels, railings and hardware. Just fractions of inches off in either direction causes misalignment issues cascading down the line resulting in days of frustrating retrofitting attempts later. 

Professional mezzanine installation experts have the tools and process rigor to measure down to 1/32 of an inch precision then fabricate all components to match based on 20+ years of project experience. That attention to detail ensures everything aligns perfectly for rapid one-try assembly.

Efficient Multi-Point Anchoring & Alignment 

Stabilizing mezzanine platforms to handle heavy shelving loads and equipment requires strategically anchoring into anchor points across multiple structural building beams. But identifying underlying load bearing points takes trained assessor eyes. Attempting amateur installation risks damage drilling into pipes or electrical wiring hidden behind walls randomly.

Top flight mezzanine pros scope anchor points using non-invasive imaging technology so fastener locations get set right the first time. They rapidly mount all structural connectors across properly load-bearing points in walls and existing floors to keep platforms firmly locked in despite decades of use ahead.

Faster Full-Scale Builds

Trying a DIY mezzanine erection across hundreds of square feet resembles assembling a complex puzzle with all the alignment and fastening precision needed. Yet commercial clients often want new storage levels installed ASAP to maintain operations momentum. Custom fabricated components alone take weeks to arrive leaving tight timelines.

Bringing an experienced rapid response crew allows completing full-scale builds out in days without shutdowns. Fabrication and delivery gets phased so inaugural sections install immediately while additional modules arrive just-in-time for seamless attachments by the dexterous crew. Worth the premium for uninterrupted business.

Code Compliant Safety & Inspections

Meeting stringent commercial staircase, railing and floor loading regulations takes expertise navigating pages of specifications. Overlooking any mandates jeopardizes future liability and risks shutdown failing eventual safety inspections by authorities assessing your mezzanine build. 

Working with reputable mezzanine pros having decades of code compliance experience across locations ensures no oversight gaps on fire egress, weight allowances or accessibility rules. Your platform build meets requests timely without rework orders setting you back both on costs and operational readiness.


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