How old is the betting industry in South Africa?

Betting… This word has quite a lot of synonyms like punting, wagering, and gambling (to a certain extent). However, they have the same thing (because they are synonyms, dude) – human hazard.

Let’s be honest, since childhood we wanted to participate in some kinds of lotteries at the fair and our parents don’t mind it, they even praised us for that. Then, when we became more mature and grown-up, this desire for risk just continued increasing. We are not going to lump all of you under a general umbrella. At the same time, our language and mind just make us say some phrases that are connected with risk and desire for victory such as “I will bet you anything” and many others. Therefore, as this is apriori in our blood, I suggest our relaxing and enjoying this article. 

Origins of Sports Betting

 The beginnings of sports betting unfortunately is truly unknown. After all, we can make a prediction that it has come from the times of gladiator games or even earlier. What is the reason for this occurrence? Well, first of all, as we said above, people are always glad to feel the risk and desire of victory. Secondly, it is constantly amazing to watch the game of your favourite team or a player, but when it brings you money, it is much better. Thus, sports betting is really wide-spread because this is a perfect way to satisfy people’s wishes. Any kind of sport has at least 2 or more competitors. What makes it so prevalent for thousands of people is a sharp ambition to watch the show between 2 equal opponents. When fans have strong persuasion in their team’s perfection, appetite to brag of their invincibility increases geometrically and placing bets on the events is impending. Sports is not just a way of relaxing anymore, it is a profitable form of earning money.

The Reasons of Popularity

 In spite of different religion, language, age, social status, race, culture or political views, people all over South Africa have 1 mutual thing – they are wild sport fans. If we mix it with 1.3 billion inhabitants of which around 40 percent is under the age of 15, and a median age of only 19.7 years, we will receive a greatly seductive and profitable market for sports SA bookmakers

 On the assumption of pretty recent research 60 million locals of SA in the age group of 18 – 40 are active sports gamblers. They waste an average of 3000 Rand or $15 a day on sports wages. South African government statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of South African adults place sports bets on an ongoing basis. The same situation in East, Central, and West Africa.

The Question of Legality

 This question has a pretty interesting background. From the very beginning, the country has put rushing limitations on gambling (including sports betting) since 1673. In 1965, the Gambling Act prohibited diverse types of sports betting except for horse racing. Horse racing was considered more like a sporting activity than a betting one. The country has come through a couple of steps in betting legalization in the country.

 The constitutional government won office in 1994 and regularized various kinds of gambling. The National Gambling Act rolled out standard procedures for monitoring betting activities in 1996. The National Gambling Act of 2004 made the switch to the 1996 Act and limited interactive gambling activities involved with poker, casino, and bingo. However, online horse racing and sports betting are 100 % legal in South Africa in the case that the website or bookmaker holds a license to run such activities. As of the current date, South Africa has over 30 online sports betting sites that have been licensed and approved by their relevant provinces.

Mentions about 1st Bookmakers in The Sport Betting Industry

As we said, a lot of information concerning first SA bookies is unrevealed. Nevertheless, there are a few references that give us a satisfying backstory. Marshalls World of Sport is a National Group, suggesting people’s betting on Horse Racing, local or international sport and Lucky Numbers.

 Marshalls World of Sport has given a suggestion on the most profitable odds on Horse Racing, Sports and Lucky Numbers for more than 50 years . The Company has developed to become one of the most trustworthy and fast-moving bookmaking groups in South Africa. Marshalls World of Sport gives the opportunities of placing bets on Horse Racing and international sporting events using different ways such as internet, mobile phone and even several cash outlets. 

 Since 1963 when John Marshall founded his first betting operation, and in 1966 when Dawn Marshall became the first missis bookmaker in South Africa, Marshalls World of Sport has come up in status and influence to be affluent and highly regarded leaders in the South African betting industry. Their customers are quite a broad range from those who enjoy a small dabble and do it for fun to serious players who want to make a tremendous wager.

Final thoughts

 The betting industry is steadily evolving. Fortunately, for players, the government has established laws and regulations to ensure only docile casinos and betting sites can offer their services in South Africa. More betting establishments are continuing to appear on the horizon, meaning the industry will keep broadening, according to its high demand.

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