The Gremlin is an online news and information website for the Eden District [Garden Route & Klein | Little Karoo].

It is updated with a selection of the latest International, National, Business and Sports News between 7 am and 8 am weekdays.  Local News covering George, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Sedgefield, Mossel Bay, Hessequa and Klein Karoo is published on receipt.

The Gremlin Morning Editions, distributed to a permission-based mailing list at around 8 am weekdays include:


I launched The Gremlin in October 2009 with fewer than 100 readers.  Today I have a loyal daily readership of 4 000+ and an occasional readership of 2 – 6 000.  Annual unique visitors now number over 400 000.

The Gremlin is aimed at the small business owner, management and other decision-makers as well as recently retired individuals who are still economically active.  The site’s demographics reflects this as 65%+ of my readers are in the 35 to 60 age group in the LSM6 and upwards categories.  The gender split is roughly 60% male and 40% female.


The Gremlin is, primarily, aimed at creating a platform to give exposure to my web hosting clients.  However, there are various advertising opportunities to all Companies.


  1. To provide a reliable, consistent and up-to-date stream of news and information – free from cheap sensationalism and outside influence.
  2. To be a central hub for news and information by including as many RSS feeds and Newsletters as are relevant.
  3. To be an advertising platform for locally-owned and operated businesses as well as those whose products and services are relevant to businesses and individuals living in the Eden District.
  4. To actively engage with readers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  5. To actively inform followers and promote local businesses on these three social media platforms.


The Gremlin offers a platform where Companies may publish their regular Newsletters as well as Press Releases and Opinion Pieces FREE of charge.

See my advertising rates here.


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Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Jan 2017 32,232 101,032 421,001 1,264,465 22.46 GB
Feb 2017 34,771 114,159 482,626 1,231,909 22.93 GB
Mar 2017 36,721 113,682 505,943 1,340,331 25.29 GB
Apr 2017 34,253 102,985 472,652 1,295,582 21.02 GB
May 2017 34,362 109,366 485,143 1,316,035 20.86 GB
Jun 2017 37,492 125,324 579,236 1,489,495 23.46 GB
Jul 2017 32,320 101,960 474,223 1,233,010 19.36 GB
Aug 2017 34,721 107,951 511,681 1,432,167 22.35 GB
Sep 2017 37,617 128,872 577,854 1,431,956 21.75 GB
Oct 2017 35,076 127,209 495,797 1,210,058 20.24 GB
Nov 2017 33,927 125,158 461,015 1,327,834 22.08 GB
Dec 2017 30,821 103,523 398,962 1,018,599 17.28 GB
Total 414,313 1,361,221 5,866,133 15,591,441 259.09 GB

The Gremlin is hosted by South Cape Net, an internet marketing, advertising and promotions company based in George.


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