Did DA cover up Eden District Municipality corruption? – Pierre Uys

Pierre Uys
Pierre Uys

ANC W Cape Chief Whip says leaked FNS forensic report damning

DA corruption covered up?

The ANC is shocked by the inaction of the DA on the latest damning forensic report pointing to another DA local government scandal cover-up.

The ANC says the DA preaches one thing, but practises another as is evident in the now public ENS forensic report on various allegations against DA councillors in the DA led Eden District Municipality clearly showing signs (see here – PDF) of fraud, forgery, abuse of power and breaches of the councillor’s code of conduct. There are also allegations that attempts were made to suppress the report and its findings.

The ENS investigation looked into claims for entertaining guests, traveling, the use and buying of vehicles and accommodation.

ANC local government spokesperson in the Western Cape provincial legislature Pierre Uys says: “What the DA has to explain is why there is no due disciplinary hearing or effect given to the recommendations that calls for criminal charges?”

“What have been visibly exposed are the deepening cracks of division in the DA with factional infighting playing out right into the leadership at provincial level and beyond. The internal strife of the DA is causing it to bleed in public.

“It is also interesting to note that it is not only the DA’s mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen, but also other players like Speaker Doris Nayler (allegedly not following procurement processes) and even mayoral committee member Tertius Simmers (claims of double dipping on travel expenses) that need to be duly investigated.”

ANC chief whip Uys added: “The DA is overcome by many local government problems and numerous councillors have fled the factional fighting. There are councillors at various municipalities who get away with breaking the law and hateful racism, like in MosselBay and Worcester. Some councillors are purged for failing to contribute financially to the DA while others may seriously transgress with impunity. Double standards rip the DA apart and its leaders are acting against each other instead of giving direction. The DA does not lead by example and cannot be trusted at any level in government.”

Statement issued by ANC Chief Whip Pierre Uys, February 13 2013

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