Eden DM appoints asbestos specialist

A specialist registered with the Department of Labour has been appointed to evaluate all structures that were damaged in the recent fires, to identify materials containing asbestos.

The specialist was appointed by Eden District Municipality and the cost of the assessment will be sponsored by Moore Stephens Cape Town Inc. The assessment commenced on Thursday 22 June 2017.

The assessment will include the inspection of approximately 650 structures (the initial estimation was 500 structures) and the compilation of a comprehensive report to Eden District Municipality. The identification of the specific sites and volume determination will enable the appointment of a registered and qualified service provider to collect, handle, transport and dispose of the asbestos containing material at a licensed hazardous waste site in accordance with the Asbestos Regulations, 2011, and the Waste Management Act, Act No. 59 of 2008.

All asbestos is hazardous and can potentially pose a risk to human health. In order to prevent any risk to human health, it is essential that no asbestos containing material is collected, handled, transported and disposed of by any person or contractor other than a suitably qualified, authorised and approved person or organisation.

The most common asbestos containing material is asbestos cement products that were used to make roofing material, ceiling and floor tiles, insulation and water pipes, tanks and gutters, for example.

The following should be taken into consideration, should asbestos contamination be suspected:

  • Don’t disturb soil contaminated with asbestos.
  • Never create dust in an environment that is either known or may have asbestos contamination. Never grind, sand, file or smash material that may be a part of an asbestos product.
  • Don’t dig in potential asbestos contaminated areas.

The surface of the contaminated area should be kept damp until the asbestos containing material is removed by the accredited service provider.

The appointed service provider to identify the presence of asbestoses on properties affected by the fire has since been deployed in the area to undertake the survey.

The following signage has been placed on the affected properties:



If any asbestos containing material or asbestos contamination are suspected, it must be reported to:

Mr Morton Hubbe, Manager: District Solid Waste Management /

E-mail: morton@edendm.gov.za


Mr Johan Gie, District Waste Management Officer /

E-mail: johang@edendm.gov.za

Tel: (044) 693 0006

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