Brand New Parimatch – Why are we making the rebranding now?

To be perfect means to change regularly. Every respectable company faces the moment of necessity to improve its brand products or services. If a company does not follow new trends, it leaves the market and stops being attractive, tired, but craving for novelties, people.

Parimatch heart demands change! Rebranding is a complete brand upgrade: it links with the visual design, core values, the quality of the business, and its philosophy. The brand distinguishes the company from its competitors, and rebranding is carried out when you need to be different from yourself in the past.

That is why Parimatch is going through a tough, but exciting process – the Rebranding.

Why are we making the rebranding now?

  • To increase the growth of the target audience, that is, to attract new customers for sport betting.
  • Enhance brand competitiveness in the market.
  • Attract the attention of old customers in Tanzania.
  • Modernize product positioning.
  • Make the brand unique.

Rebranding is a serious test that many companies go through at least once in their lives. Even participants in successful projects most often recall this period with trembling, because rebranding is a large-scale updating of business processes and movement in a direction with a large number of unknowns. We know what we must do. We know how to make the betting industry in Africa better.

A brand is a lifting of quality. All other things being equal, a strong brand seems to be better than competitors, and the consumer is willing to overpay for this. Emotions can and should be converted into profit. If it doesn’t work, then you have no connection with the consumer and you need to build it.

The most challenging thing is the first contact, the first message. Consumers react differently to brand stories: some are attracted to success stories, others are easier to catch with a drama, while others are humorous. In any case, to attract the attention of the consumer, we need to surprise him, add the effect of surprise and wow.

A brand differs from a brand by its character and values. The brand evokes emotions, which, in turn, change the decision-making algorithm: at first, the consumer feels something, then chooses and only at the end, rationally substantiates his choice. The limbic system of the brain is responsible for this: it decides before the person analyzes the situation and realizes his opportunity.

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