The Most Popular Game Shows in South Africa

South Africans love game shows – it’s in our DNA! The most popular game shows include a combination of adventure-laden attractions like Survivor South Africa to family-style fun and games with Family Feud South Africa. Today, we will explore several popular TV attractions that have captivated audiences across our nation.

Family Feud South Africa

Nobody has more screen presence, charisma, and appeal than the legendary Steve Harvey when it comes to hosting TV game shows. In his own right, this comedy legend is worth well over $100 million, and his world-famous brand is also readily available in South Africa. This captivating game show began airing on April 5, 2020. The production studios involved in bringing this to life include Rapid Blue and Steve Harvey Global. Two sets of families compete against one another as the game show host asks questions. Each point earned is worth R50, losses cost R150 per point, and the Fast Money option is worth R75,000. Everyone in SA loves a good family feud, and this show does it better than most!

Deal or No Deal South Africa

In 2007, iconic SA TV studio M-Net launched Deal or No Deal, South Africa. This world-famous game show was similar to the US version, even spawning a casino game that became one of the top slots online. The prizes in the game show range from as little as a penny up to R1 million. That’s the equivalent of $66,000 today. Back in the day, it was worth substantially more than that. Deal or No Deal USA also visited South Africa in 2008. It was part of the world tour. The hosts included Howie Mandel and Ed Jordan. If you missed this game show, you could always catch a refresher with the online casino version of the game.

Survivor South Africa

This reality game show is predicated on the world-famous Survivor series of games. It featured eight seasons and ran from 2006 through 2011 in 2014, 2018, and 2019. This geolocation-targeted game show pits a group of strangers against one another in the middle of nowhere. The contestants must battle it out for survival in true Survivor-style, scouring the landscape for fire, water, food, and shelter. Then, one by one, these contestants are eliminated until a winner emerges. The last series that aired was Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island, with the season finale ending on September 16, 2021. The winner was Nicole Williams, and the runner-up was Anela Majozi. The grand prize was R1 million. Good news for Survivor fans out there – Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts begins in July 2022, with a cast of returning castaways!

Dancing with the Stars

Song and dance are deeply ingrained in the South African psyche. We love it, and judging from the popularity of shows like Dancing with the Stars and Idols, we can attest to that. The South African TV series premiered in 2018 on M-Net, and once again, the production company was Rapid Blue. The hosts, Tracey Lange and Chris Jaftha, worked with four judges to determine the best performers. There were six males and six females who partnered with professional dancers, and the judges and audience members determined who the winners will be. So, if you’ve got a good screen presence and you’re light on your feet, you may be able to compete with the best of them in Dancing with the Stars.

Other hugely popular game shows in South Africa include ‘Point of Order’, the Afrikaans ‘Wie Word n Miljoener’, ‘Tropika Island of Treasure’ and ‘Die Kliek’. Our penchant for gaming is alive and well in the Rainbow Nation. We can only assume that many more fascinating game shows will make their way to our shores in the years to come.

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