Book Review: 30 Money Mistakes Women Make & Ways To Get Back On Track

Kim Potgieter

eBook (self-published)

Review: Brian Joss

Kim Potgieter has degrees in Clinical and Industrial psychology and is a director at Chartered Wealth Solutions. She is also a certified financial planner and an accredited coach with various international organisations. Potgieter is also credited with coining the phrase Retiremeant which is a trademark and also the title of her first book, Retiremeant: get more meaning from your money.

Now she has written 30 Money Mistakes for “all the special women in the world. Women who feel inspired to make change, to be change and to lead change.”

She said she wanted to write this book for women because she struggled with her relationship with money for over 30 years. Money is just that, money. But we have imbued it with power, success, control, wealth, happiness and failure. It’s a word and doesn’t guarantee happiness or health, Potgieter notes.

Among the 30 mistakes Potgieter lists include Not Talking About Money; Letting Someone Else Handle Your Money; Impulse Spending; Not Budgeting; Be A Servant To Money; Living Above Your Means; and; Not Making Use Of Tax-Saving Opportunities, to name seven. She describes her own money mistakes and what she did about it. So she talks from experience.

Under each heading there are between 300 and 500 words with a solution. There are 31 Ways To Get Back On Track. The first challenge is to Create A Vision Board; Be Clear About What Your Values Are; Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help; Compile A Realistic Spending Plan; with a brief strategy underneath each heading. Finally, Challenge 31 is To Pack A New Suitcase; a modern version of “Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag (and Smile, Smile, Smile)”. It is an old World War 1 marching song written by Welsh songwriter George Henry Powell and set to music by his brother, Felix.

Although 30 Money Mistakes Women Make shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand, there is nothing new or earth-shattering in it and you can find many of these hints and advice in popular women’s magazines; on online sites and money programmes on television. Indeed Potgieter  refers to Money Matters presented by Maya on ENCA news channel and to Moneyweb; Fin24; Personal Finance; and Finweek; as useful resources.

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